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Welcome to Casa Suarez, where you will find curated collections of wood furniture crafted by skilled artisans from across the globe.

Casa Suarez is a part of the Corporate Stays family. After years of providing fully-furnished luxury apartments, Founder and CEO, Vladimir de Suarez, developed an eye and passion for interior design. It simultaneously became rapidly apparent that Corporate Stays needed a reliable supplier that could guarantee the level of quality required for furnishing their 1200 apartments across Canada. Furthermore, Corporate Stays wanted the decor of their apartments to reflect the international experiences of their guests. By launching their own furniture store, Corporate Stays would have complete control over their furniture supply; they could assure the highest level of quality while benefiting from wholesale prices, buying in bulk.

Casa Suarez launched online in 2016; a store opened in Panama City in October 2016. In less than a year, the success of the brand is driving Casa Suarez to open a second store in Montreal, Canada, in July 2017.

Casa Suarez Showroom Panama City

Bring Home a Piece of the World

In a world more connected than ever before, Casa Suarez delivers parts of far-off destinations in a tangible way. For those with wanderlust in their hearts, this is the opportunity to fill their spaces with pieces from across the world. Unique collections blend shabby chic and bohemian styles with modern design elements. Each handcrafted piece is infused with the care of an artist and the intrigue of an exotic location.

When it comes to furniture, using real, quality wood makes an enormous difference in the look, feel, and structural integrity of the piece. Natural wood is beautiful and complements any design theme, from classic to modern styles. Casa Suarez is proud to offer collections in a variety of wood, sustainably harvested. With items available in Acacia, Mango, Rosewood, and Teak, it is easy to find the ideal piece to complete a space.

The differences in the grain, weight, and colour between different species of wood also give choice to the artisans creating these exciting collections. When a talented artisan is able to infuse their craftsmanship into a piece of furniture, it adds a sense of refinement to a room. The work of these artisans features the beauty of natural wood, the passion of true craftsmen, and is flavoured with the distinct aspects of the diverse countries from which these artisans and their pieces originate.

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Unique Value

By buying these unique furniture pieces wholesale, to furnish the Corporate Stays apartments, Casa Suarez is able to offer them for retail at a fraction of the normal cost.

Each piece from Casa Suarez is guaranteed to be of the highest quality, handmade from Indonesia and India. These pieces from Casa Suarez welcome multiple travelers from across the world while maintaining their beauty and structural integrity. Casa Suarez is so convinced of the quality of its furnishings, that it offers a one-year guarantee on its furniture.

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Social and Environmental Responsibility

The one-year guarantee and overall dedication to quality are decisions that differentiate Casa Suarez from other decor stores. More importantly, they are aspects of a commitment to corporate social responsibility. Pieces at Casa Suarez are designed to last for years and through generations. By creating furniture that will withstand the test of time, Casa Suarez is working to dramatically reduce the waste created by inferior furnishings.

As a brand that celebrates the beauty of natural wood, it is important the trees used in Casa Suarez furniture is grown and harvested sustainably. All of the wood used by Casa Suarez is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. As part of managing the supply chain, and of maintaining standards of environmental responsibility, it is ensured that all suppliers are dedicated to protecting the environment, are enthusiastic about fair trade, and comply with all local regulations. As a further part of corporate social responsibility, Casa Suarez is committed to working with suppliers that distribute furniture made by skilled artisans in fair conditions. These artisans are passionate about their work, and it shows in the uniquely crafted pieces they create.

Casa Suarez Showroom in Panama City

Something Different

Corporate Stays is designed to change and enhance the business travel experience.

Casa Suarez continues this mission by making it easy to bring a little piece of the world back home.