Our Story

The driving force behind my launching CorporateStays was to follow my passion for real estate, but I quickly fell in love with the worlds of architecture and interior decor.

We furnished hundreds of our apartments with big name brands like IKEA to local wholesalers in Canada. What sets CorporateStays apart from the competition is our astute attention to detail, and the artistic vision we have for every one of our furnished apartments.

As the brand grew, our needs grew with it. And so, to compliment our vision, I launched Casa Suarez, on one hand to cut manufacturing costs, but on the other to express the lifestyle we knew our clients wanted, without compromising quality.

Our love for wood, leather, and steel are Casa Suarez’s most identifiable traits. Real, raw, durable materials that carry long term value, long after their initial purchase.

We also love the idea of people taking a piece of the world back home with them. As a keepsake from around the world and to brighten any room. To bring back a lamp from India, or a carpet from Brazil, without having to fly there.

We offer an exclusive selection of pieces found only in our Casa Suarez locations. Thanks to massive quantities being shipped out daily, Casa Suarez can guarantee better prices than our competition, always.

Explore our offerings and take a piece of the world home with you.

Vladimir de Suàrez, CEO

What a privilege it is to reconnect with that feeling, that energy, when one steps inside one’s home.