Casa Suarez Joins One Percent For A Roof

As of October 1, 2017, Casa Suarez will be joining One Percent For A Roof. What does this mean? As of October 1, 2017, 1% of all sales at Casa Suarez will help to fund housing initiatives in developing communities in Central and South America.

One Percent For A Roof Logo

An International Brand; An International Focus

Casa Suarez is an internationally-focused furniture provider. We work with international partners to help bring together different styles from different parts of the world. Our furnishings are designed with an international clientele in mind. Casa Suarez offers our clients the opportunity to bring home a piece of the world with them. By joining One Percent For A Roof, Casa Suarez is helping to give something back to the world.

What is One Percent For A Roof?

Founded by our parent company, Corporate Stays, One Percent For a Roof funds housing initiatives in developing communities in Central and South America. This funding is allocated to individuals through Kiva. One Percent For A Roof provides the capital for loans for individuals looking to improve the lives of themselves and their community. One Percent For A Roof gives these individuals the opportunity. And once loans are repaid, the capital can be reinvested into the next project. Seeing the difference that these housing projects have made in the lives of individuals, families, and communities has been genuinely inspiring. This is why Casa Suarez is joining the initiative.

One Percent For A Roof helps improve housing conditions

Continued Social Responsibility

This is just another step in Casa Suarez’s commitment to social responsibility. As a brand that celebrates the beauty of natural wood, it is important that we source our materials sustainably. This is why all of the wood used in our furniture is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. Additionally, Casa Suarez is committed to working with suppliers that distribute furnishings crafted by skilled artisans in fair working conditions.

A Difference You Can See

At Casa Suarez, we know that a house is so much than a roof over your head. Through One Percent For A Roof, we are able to help develop homes, opportunities, and communities. Every purchase you make at Casa Suarez contributes to this development. Learn more about the One Percent For A Roof and its impact through its website. You can also follow One Percent For A Roof on Facebook to learn more about the individuals benefiting from these contributions.

One Percent For A Rof helps improve housing conditions

Back to School Decor Tips for Children of All Ages

As the last days of summer wind down, families are preparing for the infamous back to school season. This means new clothes, books, and other supplies. For many, it also means that it is time to evaluate whether they have an appropriate study space in their home.

A “proper” study space does not necessarily mean the same thing at every age. Nor does creating one need to be a complicated or expensive measure. This is why we have put together our top decor tips for Back to School at all ages. Read on to find out how to create an effective study space, for learners at all stages of school.

Back to School Decor Tips: Early Learners

For our earliest learners, it is not necessarily “back to school” season as much as “to school” season. As with any big change in a child’s life, starting school can present some uncertainty. Prepare your child for their upcoming adventure by creating a fun learning space at home.

Having a large space for reading picture books and working with learning games is a must. A fun rug creates a comfortable space on the floor to read and play. Having a comfortable reading chair is important. However, many chairs are simply too large for young children. Instead, use a colourful Patchwork Poufs as a fun seat for reading. As a bonus, it is an excellent place to lead a small group reading!

Patchwork Poufs

Finally, after all that fun, it is clean-up time! Keep the fun with a storage space that complements your learning theme. This Alphabet Cabinet is the perfect addition, with the bonus of having a reminder of the alphabet in full, tasteful, view.

Alphabet Cabinet

Back to School Decor Tips: Elementary School

As students move along in school, their study space should also progress. Children heading back to school in elementary often still need help with their homework. And while you may be very proud of the work that your child put into their Science Fair project, you are going to want somewhere to keep it. Having additional storage space on hand is a must, but it can also be tasteful. The Zen Large Sideboard is a classic wood design. You will be able to keep the storage space as your child progresses through the years.

Zen Sideboard Large

Back to School Decor Tips: High School

As students get older, they require more quiet, independent space in which to work. Some start doing homework in their bedrooms or in a quiet corner of their living space. Whatever space they have, what is important is that they are able to properly focus.

This is the ideal age to find a really good desk. The Metric Desk features ample workspace with two side drawers to keep materials nearby, without causing clutter. The elegant wood complemented by the sleek metal accents make this a desk a workspace that will grow up with your child.

Metric Desk

Back to School Decor Tips: The University Student

For many university students, “back to school” means going away for school. Dorm room decor can be a challenge. There is limited space and tighter rules on how the room can be changed. However,  with some small, but important, items, you can transform a new, rigid, dorm room into a welcoming study space.

Some fun cushions can transform even the dullest dorm room into a cozy home away from home. The Dance All Night / Sleep All Day cushion is the perfect accent for the less academic parts of the back to school season. With half of the cute slogan on each side, this cushion looks great by itself or in a pair. And with the smart black and white design, it strikes the right balance between playful and grown-up, just like your favourite university student.

Dance All Night / Sleep All Day Cushion

Cute accessions can also bring a touch of zen to the hectic life in dorms. Small decor items can act simultaneously as paperweights and as calming figures. There is not a lot of personal space in a dorm room, but even having a small Buddha head on a desk or bookshelf can personalize your space. Our Golden Bird is a perfect example. This chubby little bird complements any type of decor. It is sophisticated in design, while still being rather cute.

Golden Bird by Casa Suarez


Of course, the best back to school decor tip for anyone is to assess what fits your family’s space, and lifestyle, the best. Different children need different things to help them excel in school, and no understands their needs like you. Maybe it’s a splash of colour, the perfect accessory, or the right piece of furniture. It all depends on the student. Explore the Casa Suarez collection today to find the ideal piece for your study space!

Casa Suarez Montreal Location Grand Opening

We’re excited to announce that on July 7th, 2017 we officially launched our first brick and mortar location in Montreal, Canada!
As a historied city of design, both fashion and interior, Montreal was essential to our vision. The grand opening of our new store was welcomed to applause by the many guests invited for this VIP event
Invited guests browsed our entire selection, and were the very first in North America to get a first look at our boho chic decor and natural wood furniture lines
wood furniture montreal
Local Montreal DJ Julien Collet made sure our invited guests had a smooth time as they browsed our fresh selection of wood furniture and interior decor options.
 Casa Suarez - Steve Walsh Photography (40) (1)
We brought a piece of Asian influence to our grand opening in Montreal.
wood furniture montreal
Henna Tattoo Luminescence was on site the entire event decorating our guests in beautifully complete henna tattoo designs, a staple of Indian culture surrounding happy life moments.
wood furniture montreal
To make our launch extra special, we graciously had a unique experience for our invited guests!
Casa Suarez is also now the official furniture line of, which was birthed in Montreal, but has now extended its brand throughout the world. We look to the bright future of this partnership as it will allow us to spread out love of natural wood furniture to a much wider audience.
Montreal is a famous around the world for it’s many murals, so it only seemed right to have one of our very own! Mural artist Antonin Lambert spent hours live-painting this gorgeous piece as our guests enjoy an evening of drinks and laughs.
We brought a piece of Asian influence to our grand opening in Montreal. Henna Tattoo Luminescence was on site the entire event decorating our guests in beautifully complete henna tattoo designs, a staple of Indian culture surrounding happy life moments.
Casa Suarez is also now the official furniture line of, which was birthed in Montreal, but has now extended its brand throughout the world. We look to the bright future of this partnership as it will allow us to spread out love of natural wood furniture to a much wider audience.
wood furniture montreal
If you are looking for natural wood furniture in the city of Montreal, Casa Suarez is a must see! Check out our entire collection now.

How To Achieve Boho Chic Design With Bohemian Furniture

boho chic design

It seems that 2017 has declared itself the year of the Boho Chic design. But what exactly is “Boho Chic” and why has it become such a sweeping trend? The truth is Boho Chic has always been somewhat in style, but over the past 5 years has expanded into the fashion and interior design worlds.

“Boho” stands for bohemian – illustratively, it paints a picture of gypsies, hippies, nomads, and artistic types. Free spirits unbound by the modern trends that dominate the current design landscape, focusing on classic designs of past decades and an outlandish aesthetic. “Chic” is a bit more straightforward, referring to a stylish or elegant design that designates class. The combination of the dreaming world traveler and the grounded social climber create a juxtaposition of tastes that combine in just the right way: Boho Chic.

The new Boho Collection by Casa Suarez offers a wide breadth of creative options that will let you explore your own Bohemian/Chic interior design, at your own pace, one piece at a time. Get Boho Chic!

Boho Chic design

Storage space is never pretty, and when it is, it’s often impractical. Our Colourful Chest in Recycled Wood combines convenience and design. Bright colour lines the outer walls of the storage unit, accenting its recycled wood aesthetic. It is perfect for injecting a dose of boho chic aesthetic into a bedroom or living room.


While chairs are often dismissed in terms of interior decor, Case Suarez believes every piece is an opportunity to express your individuality to the world. Our Indie Leather Chairs offer a bohemian pattern cushion seat atop chic black metal legs. Combine elegance and creativity in one for your dining room table or for room decor.

Boho Chic design

Whether your living room lacks character or your dining room needs a bit more storage, our Mayari Sideboard storage and display table fills all needs. Retro metal knobs and handles adorn the vintage inspired wood design. It doesn’t get more boho chic than this.

Boho Chic design

Transport yourself to a dream world with our Mumbai bed, elegantly assembled with high quality recycled wood. The rawness of the recycled wood is expressed in the unique design found in each Mumbai bed. A perfect accent to an already decorated room or a perfect first step towards a new boho chic lifestyle.


If you’re intrigued by the boho chic style but aren’t ready to dive in headfirst or are unsure about purchasing a larger piece, look no further than our Square Patchwork Pouf. Its multi-coloured design will effortlessly draw all eyes in its direction. You can completely flip the script on any room with even a singular pouf, calling out to your inner bohemian in a chic fashion.

With such a breadth of options and ways to reinvent any living space, the ordered chaos of the boho chic aesthetic is an exotic yet familiar way to express yourself. These are but a few of the pieces in our new, extensive selection. So dive into the unknown. Discover the entire Case Suarez Boho Collection now and find yourself in a new world of interior decor!


3 Ways To Use Solid Wood Furniture In Your Bedroom

Wooden Bedroom decor
With natural wood furniture becoming increasingly more popular among interior designers, it’s understandable that more options are available now than ever before. Every room in your house can be designed around a specific piece, or you can dive right into the trend and go wall to wall natural wood. So for those ready to mix things up in the bedroom, here are 3 ways to use solid wood furniture in your bedroom.

3 Ways To Use Solid Wood Furniture In Your Bedroom: Sideboard

Solid Wood Furniture In Your Bedroom
A boisterous sideboard is a welcome addition to any large bedroom. It offers the practicality of uncompromised storage within its wide frame. Thanks to its size, it also possesses the artistic vision of a raw, natural husk of wood – transforming any simple bedroom into an oasis to which you can escape to. The rich, valiant body of our Live-Edge Sideboard sure to be met with many compliments by visiting guests. While the vintage, Antic Sideboard will have you dreaming of far off lands and adventures yet to be.

3 Ways To Use Solid Wood Furniture In Your Bedroom: Nightstand

Solid Wood Furniture In Your Bedroom

Now size isn’t everything in the world of furniture, and even the smaller pieces need some love! Nightstands are often overlooked as a necessity and often result in a mismatch between a new bed frame, cabinet, side table, or overall room design. Yet in reality, after your bed, the nightstand is the one piece of bedroom furniture you interact with the most!
And we’ve got a wide range of design options to choose from. If your room highlights modern decor, our Hollow Cube nightstand fits the bill. If you’re craving a softer, feminine design, our Indian White Carved Mango nightstand  has you covered. And if you’re going for more of a rustic look that calls back to the 1970s, our Indie Vintage Bedside cabinet is the one for you.

3 Ways To Use Solid Wood Furniture In Your Bedroom: Beds

Solid Wood Furniture In Your Bedroom

Okay, so it goes without saying that the bed is the cornerstone of any bedroom. You spend a third of your life sleeping, and whether it’s through happy or stressful times, your bed will always be where you rest your head. So why not integrate the relaxing, inspiring design of natural wood bed frames into your overall bedroom decor!
With a multitude of design options, you can tailor your bed to the decor that inspires you! Our Indian white carved mango headboard will add a mystical ethnic flair to your bedroom with minimal integration. Just attach the piece and it instantly transforms even the most mundane of rooms. On the other side of the spectrum you will find the Wave Bed. This full bed frame is minimal in design to better compliment other more central pieces within your bedroom. This way you get a great night’s sleep and your bed, while beautiful, does not steal all the thunder.

Top 5 Reclaimed Wood Furniture That Will Make Your Home Stand Out

reclaimed wood furniture

Reclaimed wood furniture  is among the interior decorator’s most effective arsenal. It combines the raw, ethereal elements found in nature and the artist’s keen eye for design . Even a single piece of reclaimed wood stands in staggering contrast among a room’s best. Here are just a few of the most attention-grabbing items you absolutely must have.

Reclaimed Wood Furniture Piece 1: The Antic Chest

reclaimed wood furniture 3
Do you have a taste for adventure? Then consider the Antic chest. Made from reclaimed Antic wood, it speaks of a life lived in travel and exploration in the deepest jungles of West Asia. In the realm of reclaimed wood, the chest is a rarer commodity and thus makes for a vivid focal point in any bedroom or living room.

Reclaimed Wood Furniture Piece 2: The Antic Cabinet

 reclaimed wood furniture 4
Continuing with the theme of recycled wood made of Antic, we look now at the Antic cabinet. Bearing the intricate artistic woodworking designs found exclusively in India, it is an obelisk. Towering high above most of out pieces, the cabinet has a distinct ruggedness that can only be created through exposure to the earth’s harsh elements. This wooden giant will do well in your bedroom, living room, or dining room.

Reclaimed Wood Furniture Piece 3: Indonesian Tree Console 

reclaimed wood furniture 2

If it’s something primal you’re looking for, the Indonesian Tree Console is right up your alley. The convoluted body oozes out of the table top, as though it had just spouted out of the ground. Driving ever higher until it comes to a stop at the upper plateau. While it looks majestic indoors, this reclaimed wood table works just as well outdoors.

Reclaimed Wood Furniture Piece 4: Acacia Slim Dining Table

reclaimed wood furniture 1
As the largest piece of furniture in a dining room, the dining table speaks volumes. Our Acadia Slim Dining table is without a doubt one of our more elegant pieces. Fusing both traditional woodwork with a modern twist, it is definitely going to start a conversation. Don’t settle for less than the best.

Reclaimed Wood Furniture Piece 5: Coffee Table Mango Wood With Metal Wheels

reclaimed wood furniture
Just because you need a coffee table doesn’t mean you should compromise on originality. Take our Coffee Table Mango Wood With Metal Wheels. A callback to vintage railroad trolleys of the late 1800s, it hold it’s own as far as coffee tables go, this piece is an excellent example of how reclaimed wood furniture can match even in contrast to an existing design style. The neutral tones and gritty look make for a table you can’t help but love to look at.

How To Redecorate Your Workspace With Wood Furniture

workspace wood furniture

Your workspace is a shrine of productivity, and you need to make sure that your environment positively influences the way. How better than to channel East Asian influence into your process. Here’s how to redecorate your office with exotic wood furniture from Casa Suarez. By effortlessly incorporating elements of Buddhism into your work environment, you’re more likely to stay cool, calm, and collected – allowing you to be more effective in business.

Wood Furniture

The desk is your battle station. For any task at hand, the table will play a pivotal role in your work. Our slim Acacia table is chiefly made with an industrial elegant steel trim.  It reinforces that you are in the driver’s seat, ready to conquer anything life throws your way.

Wood Furniture

Or for a more traditional look, our Metric desk offers the best of both worlds. A familiar desk design paired with our signature wood and steel style.

Wood Furniture

To say that lighting is not important to a successful workspace is likely to fail. Not only does a greater clarity help with processing and consuming information, it also has emotional and psychological effects as well. The wrong lighting can make you feel tired and useless. Our Sculpture Lamp can make you feel like you’re on top of the world. That’s where decor comes into play. The design of the lamp will always be in your peripheral vision. Its style will influence you aesthetic standard, and that can greatly affect your creative outpour.

Wood Furniture

When it comes to storage, design doesn’t need to be sacrificed for convenience. Integrating our Zen Cabinet allows for a stylistically inspiring dresser to shows off a willingness to go against the norm – to show the world who you are. It makes a bold statement as a eye-catching piece in your office. Yet in its lustrous draws are your work documents. The best of both worlds.

Wood Furniture

Displaying your life trophies is essential to your happiness. It shows the world who you are and how far you’ve come. These stalky Zen planter stands manage to elevate your life’s accomplishments to a whole other level. Elegance at its crispest, these stands can be placed almost anywhere in an office. Wood furniture always stands out.

Wood Furniture

Also part of our Metric collection is this gorgeous Metric chair, made of Indian rosewood. The chair’s elegant style boldly announces to the world your confident design choices.

Top 5 Wood Furniture You Will Fight For In Your Divorce

wood furniture

Despite February having a good public image as the “Month of Love” it’s also a month of high divorce rate. It’s a great time to reflect on what’s really important in your life. The people, and things, that you love! So whether you’re treating yourself or you’ve got a special someone in mind, here are the top 5 wood furniture pieces so gorgeous, you will hands down absolutely fight for in the event of a divorce!

Wood Furniture You Will Fight For In Your Divorce #1: King Rosewood Bed

wood furniture

Obviously we’re going to start in the bedroom, where it all started and likely ended. Whether it was the source of your marital discrepancies or not, it’s the one piece you’ll want to keep. This stunning piece of Indian Rosewood not only compliments any room, it offers a restful night of sleep. That’s something you will definitely want for yourself in the event that a divorce complicates your life.


Wood Furniture You Will Fight For In Your Divorce #2: Puricatione Caotico Floor Lamp

floor lamp - divorce

Lighting greatly affects an environment, and psychologists have agreed that light can greatly help with depression. Plus, the Puricatione Caotico floor lamp is a great icebreaker for when you have new people over for the first time. It’s winding branches are unlike any lamp you’ve seen before.


Wood Furniture You Will Fight For In Your Divorce #3: Antic Cabinet

wood furniture

Everyone has skeletons in their closet, so go for the Antic Cabinet instead! The worn Antic wood is a comforting reminder that time heals all. It also offers excellent storage while remaining an absolute central piece in any room. The metal detailing will catch everyone’s eye.


Wood Furniture You Will Fight For In Your Divorce #4: Zen Cube

cube - divorce

Don’t let its size fool you (remember it’s not the size that matters, it’s how you decorate it), this is one of our customers’ favourite pieces. The Zen Cube can fit virtually anywhere, takes very little space, and instantly transforms a room from a solemn bachelor’s pad to a stylish and comfortable home. This small piece lets the world know that you’re in control of your own destiny.


Wood Furniture You Will Fight For In Your Divorce #5: Chandelier Lamp

wood furniture

The rays of light that will shine down from our Chandelier lamp will comfort you after even the longest days. Meant to imitate rays of sun as they peek through the treetops. Only one ceiling lamp can brighten up an entire room, and it looks great while it does it! Just because it’s functional doesn’t mean it can’t be art . 


So this  month, be with the one who makes you happy – even if that someone is you! But always be ready to snag the best pieces from our selection, if you don’t your better half will!

2017 Exotic Wood Furniture Trends

From year to year, interior design trends tend to shift from one aesthetic to another. As 2016 comes to an end, we begin to shift away from minimalist impersonal decor and enter the realm of comfort and warmth. Get excited, 2017 is the year of exotic wood furniture. To keep you up to date, here are the exotic wood furniture trends you need to know for 2017.

Exotic Wood Furniture Trend 1: Contrast Light Walls

exotic wood furniture

With 2016’s design trends leaning towards pastel interiors, 2017’s biggest trend is incorporating exotic wood furniture to set a contrast. White walls and light pastel coloured walls brighten up a room, and a dark exotic wood reinvigorates it. Take for instance our Acacia slim dining table paired with a metal base and rosewood accents.

Exotic Wood Furniture Trend 2: Light The Way

exotic wood furniture

Exotic wood furniture trends will be making their way into every corner of your home. Not only in cabinets but overhead as well, in the form of exotic wood chandeliers. It can add a touch of life to a dead room, or bring your already existing decor together.

Exotic Wood Furniture Trend 3: Incorporating your 2016 Look

exotic wood furniture

Don’t think of it as recycling your old things, but rather, evolving your look! The past few years have seen an increase in minimalistic design and a post-modern aesthetic. Incorporate those elements into your new Zen Bookshelf or Antic Cabinet. The meshing of both styles will liven up any room.


Exotic Wood Furniture Trend 4: Cater to Royalty

exotic wood furniture

Sleep is often the most undervalued gift. In 2017, Flip that script and open yourself up to the world of exotic wood furniture in the form of a gorgeous Indian Rosewood bed. Its strong lustrous frame evokes powerful images of royalty while at the same time offering incomparable comfort.


Exotic Wood Furniture Trend 5: The Modern Cottage

exotic wood furniture

The comfort of the cottage is something many seek to escape to every year. But what if you could import that feeling of relaxation into your home? This exotic wood furniture trend has already been picking up in popularity as more and more people are going for a rustic cottage look. However rustic, keep your look modern, our Coffee Table with Wheels does just that.

How To Furnish Your Apartment To Rent it And Make Money!

Casa Suarez has partnered up with to help them put the “furnished” in furnished apartments. Luckily our selection of unique exotic wood furniture isn’t exclusively reserved for international accommodations.So allow us to show you how to furnish your apartment with Casa Suarez.

We invite you to take a page from the playbook, and explore the wonders of South Asian inspired luxury for your own home. The smell of raw Indian rosewood greets your nose before you ever walk into the room. Once inside your eyes catch up to what your nose already knows, this furniture is not from IKEA.

  How to furnish your apartment

Our goal is to allow you to express yourself through your furniture with eye-catching designs that, while sophisticated, are never pretentious. Take our Jayah bed for example, carved from the most beautiful of Indian rosewood. Our carpenters were able to transform nature into a work of art.

 How to furnish your apartment

The importance of family and friends is not lost on us, and that appreciation is engrained in every fibre of our living room collection. Dinner tables made from Acacia wood carry with them the earthy texture from the Indian soil in which they grew. And the story of that wood is perfect for breaking bread with those you love.
 How to furnish your apartment

Relaxing at the end of a long day is essential to a healthy life. So in an effort to help you achieve Nirvana, we recommend our collection of decorative accessories. A sitting sandstone Buddha brings serenity into any room, while our free form iPad stand relieves clutter and stress.

 How to furnish your apartment

The best feature of Casa Suarez furniture isn’t the gorgeous, raw wood, nor is it the handwork that went into their creation. It’s its adaptability to any interior design style. While still standing out in any environment, our beds, tables, chairs, cabinets, and decor will help you communicate your identity without ever saying a word. Ideal for how to furnish your apartment.

Over the years you’ve amassed a sizeable collection of books, so why not treat them with the prestige. The knowledge kept in those pages deserve the very best display, and our Cayenne bookshelf fits that description.

 How to furnish your apartment

While most furniture is drowned in metal and plastic, our pieces are almost entirely exempt of both. When they are present, they are stylistically woven through the wood, intentionally casting a contrast against the raw Indian wood.

 How to furnish your apartment

Even just one statement piece can carry an entire room, especially when it’s hanging from your ceiling in full view. Our beautiful perforated lamps, both hanging and standing, don’t simply light up a room. They illuminate the area with an aura that brings with it the comforts of home. Yet at the same time  they manage to drop jaws with their intricate and delicate designs. But don’t be fooled, they come with the strength and the durability you can expect from Casa Suarez.

 How to furnish your apartment

But don’t take our word for it, take a moment to explore our selection of exotic wood furnishings! Or pass by our store in Panama City and see our collection first-hand.

While one piece compliments a room, a bedroom or dining set compliments your life. The energy you create at home is carried around with you throughout the day. So make sure you treat yourself to the most luxurious of Indian wood furniture. And that is how to furnish your apartment with Casa Suarez.

Creating a Beautiful, Productive Workspace in Every Home Away from Home

Office chair Casa Suarez

As we welcome the first days of fall with an open heart, we can’t help but picture a thousand potential changes that we could make to turn our indoors and outdoors into cozier, more soothing environments.

How to Turn a Part of a Hotel Room into an Inviting, Purpose-Driven Workspace

This task may be straightforward and incredibly rewarding when it comes to rethinking your at-home office; however, turning a corner of your hotel or b&b room into an attractive and efficient workspace can be quite a challenge, especially when you can’t count on versatile, multifaceted furniture pieces that are extremely easy to work with. Nonetheless, resort owners who wish to recreate an optimal working environment for all their clients can turn their dreams into reality by following some of the suggestions listed below.

Add Quality Furniture Pieces Ensuring a Higher Level of Comfort

We can tell you from experience that some of the most desirable pieces of furniture for any type of space are the ones that reflect the perfect balance between function and form. Furniture pieces that are truly outstanding will enchant the eye of room occupants, while also allowing them to sit back and relax after a long, exhausting day.
Just picture a stunning Barani Desk or a lovely Aiden Desk paired with a minimalist Sean Chair or a luxurious Tamarai chair, revealing a perfect mix of natural wood, hand-hammered studs and soft, luxurious gray leather. Aside from taking any interior décor a few steps up in terms of look and ambiance, these classic pieces will also give vacationers the chance to maintain the most appropriate posture while working, and keep their stress levels in check whilst staying focused on their daily projects.

Seventy’s Coffee Table Medium – By Casa Suarez

Eliminate Distractions

Ideally, one should start the redesign process of any type of indoor space by reevaluating the looks and purpose of each room in need of changes. For instance, each vacationer who will have to catch up on work during his or her holiday will require a clear desk to complete daily assignments. They will also need a comfortable, sturdy chair, a few cabinets with drawers where they could store office supplies and necessary equipment, and maybe even a small sofa where they could enjoy a nap or meditate for a few minutes to regain their balance.

While listing all the necessary furniture pieces that any hotel room should comprise to become an efficient workspace, one should think about potential furniture placement options meant to accommodate the basic needs, goals and habits of any occupant. By opting for a minimalist design and a few selected basic furniture pieces with a high practical and aesthetic value, resort owners could prevent clutter and give guests the chance to keep their working space properly organized around the clock without too much effort.

Go in Favor of Natural Materials

These days, more and more interior decorators go in favour of natural materials that make a delightful first impression due to their sturdiness and raw beauty. Therefore, consider following this trend and upgrade any type of home away from home by adding durable, agelessly beautiful furnishings that comprise one or more natural elements, such as wood and stone. A stone fireplace or a large desk made of reclaimed wood can be the perfect central piece of a welcoming hotel room that your guests could also use as an elegant, practical study. Also, don’t forget to invest in chic storage options, such as the amazing locker style desk made of recycled wood and metal harvested from old fishing boats introduced by Casa Suarez. This unique piece could be the sole addition that you need in your life to avoid clutter and turn any hotel room into a cleaner, properly organized space.

Each powerful, positive transformation starts with one-of-a-kind furnishings with a story. Therefore, don’t forget to check out the ample selection of Casa Suarez furniture pieces and accessories designed to upgrade any hotel, b&b or resort room into an oasis of relaxation, and bring your accommodation options closer to becoming soothing homes away from home, suitable for both work and play.

Adding Value to the Family Dinner Experience in Any Home Away from Home

Zen Rosewood Dinner table

During summer, most vacationers turn their attention to resorts that allow them to spend as much time as possible indoors, making the most of friendly temperatures and contemplating the green lush surroundings. Come September, their preferences start to change at the same pace with the new rhythms and colors of Mother Nature. As the leaves turn yellow, people who are enjoying the warmth and peaceful ambiance of a home away from home decide to spend less time around the patio tables and chairs and stay indoors, where they could invest their time and energy in work-related and social activities.

How to Prepare a Hotel Room for Fall

Oftentimes, this transition stimulates hotel, B&B and resort owners to upgrade their existing décor, and make their indoors more inviting and comfortable by opting for elegant, timeless furnishings that contribute to a perfect home away from home experience during fall and winter. Throughout the cold season, most guests require a few special touches to perceive a hotel or B&B room as cozy and welcoming. A Victorian fireplace, a warm shag rug, big throw, accent or decorative pillows in earthy colors and beautiful custom made wooden furniture are only a few of the elements that make all the difference in the world when it comes to elevating the aesthetic value of any accommodation option, and prepping it for the cooler days ahead.

exotic wood furniture
Turning Family Dinners into Memorable Get-Togethers During the Cold Season

During summer, any meal of the day can be turned into a fun social gathering without too much effort, considering that the warm weather and lush surroundings oftentimes fuel our playful side. Nonetheless, during fall and winter, most of us need a gentle push to rediscover the pleasure of enjoying a hearty lunch or dinner at home or inside a hotel room, in the company of our loved ones. This is why most hotel, bed & breakfast or hotel owners accommodate this special need by working on their indoor space. Here are a few things that they have in mind when improving the looks and feel of their rooms to turn family dinners into more fulfilling social interactions.

The Dinner Table Is Seen as a Focal Point. Some of the most appreciated rooms are the ones that introduce the dinner table as the focal point of the entire space. Ideally, such a table should be big, sturdy and impressive enough to be seen as an anchor by all family members. All guests attending the dinner should be comfortably seated at the table. A nice wooden table top in natural, rich earthy colors, like the ones introduced by Casa Suarez, may just be the perfect conversation starter encouraging all family members to share their stories, thoughts and dreams while sampling delicious dishes.

Original Décor Elements Help Avoid Unnecessary Distractions. At home, most parents have a hard time trying to convince their youngsters to enjoy lunch or dinner without using their gadgets at the dinner table. In a familiar environment, this may seem like a mission impossible.

However, in a hotel or B&B, eliminating distractions posed by electronics is no longer a difficult task, especially when the new space is packed with exquisite wooden furniture with an original design, or various artworks that command attention. Resort owners can make sure that all their guests are physically and mentally present at the dinner table by simply investing in quality furnishings with a one-of-a-kind story. For instance, a rustic unfinished wood table with an intriguing shape and thin metallic legs with an industrial look will most likely turn heads and attract compliments in any environment, especially when paired with a set of stunning chairs made of reclaimed and recycled teak, oak, redwood or pine. Such exquisite details will always convince all guests to stay seated and eat family-style.

Create the Best Ambiance. Did you know that appropriate storage options can also play an important part in this process? For instance, nice wooden cabinets can accommodate a rustic set of clay pots and bowls that can be used by guests who wish to recreate the perfect family-style lunch or dinner during their stay. Dinner sets made of natural materials can be placed in the middle of the table and be passed around by family members to ensure a pleasant, convivial ambiance. This strategy encourages sharing and sparks conversations at the dinner table.

There are so many beneficial décor changes that resort owners can implement to keep their guests happy, even when temperatures start to decrease and the shades of green that we can admire outdoors become less intense. By investing in quality wooden furniture with timeless appeal, any company can turn the plainest hotel or B&B room into the ideal setting for a truly unforgettable family dinner experience.