Top 5 Reclaimed Wood Furniture That Will Make Your Home Stand Out

reclaimed wood furniture

Reclaimed wood furniture  is among the interior decorator’s most effective arsenal. It combines the raw, ethereal elements found in nature and the artist’s keen eye for design . Even a single piece of reclaimed wood stands in staggering contrast among a room’s best. Here are just a few of the most attention-grabbing items you absolutely must have.

Reclaimed Wood Furniture Piece 1: The Antic Chest

reclaimed wood furniture 3
Do you have a taste for adventure? Then consider the Antic chest. Made from reclaimed Antic wood, it speaks of a life lived in travel and exploration in the deepest jungles of West Asia. In the realm of reclaimed wood, the chest is a rarer commodity and thus makes for a vivid focal point in any bedroom or living room.

Reclaimed Wood Furniture Piece 2: The Antic Cabinet

 reclaimed wood furniture 4
Continuing with the theme of recycled wood made of Antic, we look now at the Antic cabinet. Bearing the intricate artistic woodworking designs found exclusively in India, it is an obelisk. Towering high above most of out pieces, the cabinet has a distinct ruggedness that can only be created through exposure to the earth’s harsh elements. This wooden giant will do well in your bedroom, living room, or dining room.

Reclaimed Wood Furniture Piece 3: Indonesian Tree Console 

reclaimed wood furniture 2

If it’s something primal you’re looking for, the Indonesian Tree Console is right up your alley. The convoluted body oozes out of the table top, as though it had just spouted out of the ground. Driving ever higher until it comes to a stop at the upper plateau. While it looks majestic indoors, this reclaimed wood table works just as well outdoors.

Reclaimed Wood Furniture Piece 4: Acacia Slim Dining Table

reclaimed wood furniture 1
As the largest piece of furniture in a dining room, the dining table speaks volumes. Our Acadia Slim Dining table is without a doubt one of our more elegant pieces. Fusing both traditional woodwork with a modern twist, it is definitely going to start a conversation. Don’t settle for less than the best.

Reclaimed Wood Furniture Piece 5: Coffee Table Mango Wood With Metal Wheels

reclaimed wood furniture
Just because you need a coffee table doesn’t mean you should compromise on originality. Take our Coffee Table Mango Wood With Metal Wheels. A callback to vintage railroad trolleys of the late 1800s, it hold it’s own as far as coffee tables go, this piece is an excellent example of how reclaimed wood furniture can match even in contrast to an existing design style. The neutral tones and gritty look make for a table you can’t help but love to look at.

How To Redecorate Your Workspace With Wood Furniture

workspace wood furniture

Your workspace is a shrine of productivity, and you need to make sure that your environment positively influences the way. How better than to channel East Asian influence into your process. Here’s how to redecorate your office with exotic wood furniture from Casa Suarez. By effortlessly incorporating elements of Buddhism into your work environment, you’re more likely to stay cool, calm, and collected – allowing you to be more effective in business.

Wood Furniture

The desk is your battle station. For any task at hand, the table will play a pivotal role in your work. Our slim Acacia table is chiefly made with an industrial elegant steel trim.  It reinforces that you are in the driver’s seat, ready to conquer anything life throws your way.

Wood Furniture

Or for a more traditional look, our Metric desk offers the best of both worlds. A familiar desk design paired with our signature wood and steel style.

Wood Furniture

To say that lighting is not important to a successful workspace is likely to fail. Not only does a greater clarity help with processing and consuming information, it also has emotional and psychological effects as well. The wrong lighting can make you feel tired and useless. Our Sculpture Lamp can make you feel like you’re on top of the world. That’s where decor comes into play. The design of the lamp will always be in your peripheral vision. Its style will influence you aesthetic standard, and that can greatly affect your creative outpour.

Wood Furniture

When it comes to storage, design doesn’t need to be sacrificed for convenience. Integrating our Zen Cabinet allows for a stylistically inspiring dresser to shows off a willingness to go against the norm – to show the world who you are. It makes a bold statement as a eye-catching piece in your office. Yet in its lustrous draws are your work documents. The best of both worlds.

Wood Furniture

Displaying your life trophies is essential to your happiness. It shows the world who you are and how far you’ve come. These stalky Zen planter stands manage to elevate your life’s accomplishments to a whole other level. Elegance at its crispest, these stands can be placed almost anywhere in an office. Wood furniture always stands out.

Wood Furniture

Also part of our Metric collection is this gorgeous Metric chair, made of Indian rosewood. The chair’s elegant style boldly announces to the world your confident design choices.

Top 5 Wood Furniture You Will Fight For In Your Divorce

wood furniture

Despite February having a good public image as the “Month of Love” it’s also a month of high divorce rate. It’s a great time to reflect on what’s really important in your life. The people, and things, that you love! So whether you’re treating yourself or you’ve got a special someone in mind, here are the top 5 wood furniture pieces so gorgeous, you will hands down absolutely fight for in the event of a divorce!

Wood Furniture You Will Fight For In Your Divorce #1: King Rosewood Bed

wood furniture

Obviously we’re going to start in the bedroom, where it all started and likely ended. Whether it was the source of your marital discrepancies or not, it’s the one piece you’ll want to keep. This stunning piece of Indian Rosewood not only compliments any room, it offers a restful night of sleep. That’s something you will definitely want for yourself in the event that a divorce complicates your life.


Wood Furniture You Will Fight For In Your Divorce #2: Puricatione Caotico Floor Lamp

floor lamp - divorce

Lighting greatly affects an environment, and psychologists have agreed that light can greatly help with depression. Plus, the Puricatione Caotico floor lamp is a great icebreaker for when you have new people over for the first time. It’s winding branches are unlike any lamp you’ve seen before.


Wood Furniture You Will Fight For In Your Divorce #3: Antic Cabinet

wood furniture

Everyone has skeletons in their closet, so go for the Antic Cabinet instead! The worn Antic wood is a comforting reminder that time heals all. It also offers excellent storage while remaining an absolute central piece in any room. The metal detailing will catch everyone’s eye.


Wood Furniture You Will Fight For In Your Divorce #4: Zen Cube

cube - divorce

Don’t let its size fool you (remember it’s not the size that matters, it’s how you decorate it), this is one of our customers’ favourite pieces. The Zen Cube can fit virtually anywhere, takes very little space, and instantly transforms a room from a solemn bachelor’s pad to a stylish and comfortable home. This small piece lets the world know that you’re in control of your own destiny.


Wood Furniture You Will Fight For In Your Divorce #5: Chandelier Lamp

wood furniture

The rays of light that will shine down from our Chandelier lamp will comfort you after even the longest days. Meant to imitate rays of sun as they peek through the treetops. Only one ceiling lamp can brighten up an entire room, and it looks great while it does it! Just because it’s functional doesn’t mean it can’t be art . 


So this  month, be with the one who makes you happy – even if that someone is you! But always be ready to snag the best pieces from our selection, if you don’t your better half will!

2017 Exotic Wood Furniture Trends

From year to year, interior design trends tend to shift from one aesthetic to another. As 2016 comes to an end, we begin to shift away from minimalist impersonal decor and enter the realm of comfort and warmth. Get excited, 2017 is the year of exotic wood furniture. To keep you up to date, here are the exotic wood furniture trends you need to know for 2017.

Exotic Wood Furniture Trend 1: Contrast Light Walls

exotic wood furniture

With 2016’s design trends leaning towards pastel interiors, 2017’s biggest trend is incorporating exotic wood furniture to set a contrast. White walls and light pastel coloured walls brighten up a room, and a dark exotic wood reinvigorates it. Take for instance our Acacia slim dining table paired with a metal base and rosewood accents.

Exotic Wood Furniture Trend 2: Light The Way

exotic wood furniture

Exotic wood furniture trends will be making their way into every corner of your home. Not only in cabinets but overhead as well, in the form of exotic wood chandeliers. It can add a touch of life to a dead room, or bring your already existing decor together.

Exotic Wood Furniture Trend 3: Incorporating your 2016 Look

exotic wood furniture

Don’t think of it as recycling your old things, but rather, evolving your look! The past few years have seen an increase in minimalistic design and a post-modern aesthetic. Incorporate those elements into your new Zen Bookshelf or Antic Cabinet. The meshing of both styles will liven up any room.


Exotic Wood Furniture Trend 4: Cater to Royalty

exotic wood furniture

Sleep is often the most undervalued gift. In 2017, Flip that script and open yourself up to the world of exotic wood furniture in the form of a gorgeous Indian Rosewood bed. Its strong lustrous frame evokes powerful images of royalty while at the same time offering incomparable comfort.


Exotic Wood Furniture Trend 5: The Modern Cottage

exotic wood furniture

The comfort of the cottage is something many seek to escape to every year. But what if you could import that feeling of relaxation into your home? This exotic wood furniture trend has already been picking up in popularity as more and more people are going for a rustic cottage look. However rustic, keep your look modern, our Coffee Table with Wheels does just that.

How To Furnish Your Apartment To Rent it And Make Money!

Casa Suarez has partnered up with to help them put the “furnished” in furnished apartments. Luckily our selection of unique exotic wood furniture isn’t exclusively reserved for international accommodations.So allow us to show you how to furnish your apartment with Casa Suarez.

We invite you to take a page from the playbook, and explore the wonders of South Asian inspired luxury for your own home. The smell of raw Indian rosewood greets your nose before you ever walk into the room. Once inside your eyes catch up to what your nose already knows, this furniture is not from IKEA.

  How to furnish your apartment

Our goal is to allow you to express yourself through your furniture with eye-catching designs that, while sophisticated, are never pretentious. Take our Jayah bed for example, carved from the most beautiful of Indian rosewood. Our carpenters were able to transform nature into a work of art.

 How to furnish your apartment

The importance of family and friends is not lost on us, and that appreciation is engrained in every fibre of our living room collection. Dinner tables made from Acacia wood carry with them the earthy texture from the Indian soil in which they grew. And the story of that wood is perfect for breaking bread with those you love.
 How to furnish your apartment

Relaxing at the end of a long day is essential to a healthy life. So in an effort to help you achieve Nirvana, we recommend our collection of decorative accessories. A sitting sandstone Buddha brings serenity into any room, while our free form iPad stand relieves clutter and stress.

 How to furnish your apartment

The best feature of Casa Suarez furniture isn’t the gorgeous, raw wood, nor is it the handwork that went into their creation. It’s its adaptability to any interior design style. While still standing out in any environment, our beds, tables, chairs, cabinets, and decor will help you communicate your identity without ever saying a word. Ideal for how to furnish your apartment.

Over the years you’ve amassed a sizeable collection of books, so why not treat them with the prestige. The knowledge kept in those pages deserve the very best display, and our Cayenne bookshelf fits that description.

 How to furnish your apartment

While most furniture is drowned in metal and plastic, our pieces are almost entirely exempt of both. When they are present, they are stylistically woven through the wood, intentionally casting a contrast against the raw Indian wood.

 How to furnish your apartment

Even just one statement piece can carry an entire room, especially when it’s hanging from your ceiling in full view. Our beautiful perforated lamps, both hanging and standing, don’t simply light up a room. They illuminate the area with an aura that brings with it the comforts of home. Yet at the same time  they manage to drop jaws with their intricate and delicate designs. But don’t be fooled, they come with the strength and the durability you can expect from Casa Suarez.

 How to furnish your apartment

But don’t take our word for it, take a moment to explore our selection of exotic wood furnishings! Or pass by our store in Panama City and see our collection first-hand.

While one piece compliments a room, a bedroom or dining set compliments your life. The energy you create at home is carried around with you throughout the day. So make sure you treat yourself to the most luxurious of Indian wood furniture. And that is how to furnish your apartment with Casa Suarez.

Creating a Beautiful, Productive Workspace in Every Home Away from Home

Office chair Casa Suarez

As we welcome the first days of fall with an open heart, we can’t help but picture a thousand potential changes that we could make to turn our indoors and outdoors into cozier, more soothing environments.

How to Turn a Part of a Hotel Room into an Inviting, Purpose-Driven Workspace

This task may be straightforward and incredibly rewarding when it comes to rethinking your at-home office; however, turning a corner of your hotel or b&b room into an attractive and efficient workspace can be quite a challenge, especially when you can’t count on versatile, multifaceted furniture pieces that are extremely easy to work with. Nonetheless, resort owners who wish to recreate an optimal working environment for all their clients can turn their dreams into reality by following some of the suggestions listed below.

Add Quality Furniture Pieces Ensuring a Higher Level of Comfort

We can tell you from experience that some of the most desirable pieces of furniture for any type of space are the ones that reflect the perfect balance between function and form. Furniture pieces that are truly outstanding will enchant the eye of room occupants, while also allowing them to sit back and relax after a long, exhausting day.
Just picture a stunning Barani Desk or a lovely Aiden Desk paired with a minimalist Sean Chair or a luxurious Tamarai chair, revealing a perfect mix of natural wood, hand-hammered studs and soft, luxurious gray leather. Aside from taking any interior décor a few steps up in terms of look and ambiance, these classic pieces will also give vacationers the chance to maintain the most appropriate posture while working, and keep their stress levels in check whilst staying focused on their daily projects.

Seventy’s Coffee Table Medium – By Casa Suarez

Eliminate Distractions

Ideally, one should start the redesign process of any type of indoor space by reevaluating the looks and purpose of each room in need of changes. For instance, each vacationer who will have to catch up on work during his or her holiday will require a clear desk to complete daily assignments. They will also need a comfortable, sturdy chair, a few cabinets with drawers where they could store office supplies and necessary equipment, and maybe even a small sofa where they could enjoy a nap or meditate for a few minutes to regain their balance.

While listing all the necessary furniture pieces that any hotel room should comprise to become an efficient workspace, one should think about potential furniture placement options meant to accommodate the basic needs, goals and habits of any occupant. By opting for a minimalist design and a few selected basic furniture pieces with a high practical and aesthetic value, resort owners could prevent clutter and give guests the chance to keep their working space properly organized around the clock without too much effort.

Go in Favor of Natural Materials

These days, more and more interior decorators go in favour of natural materials that make a delightful first impression due to their sturdiness and raw beauty. Therefore, consider following this trend and upgrade any type of home away from home by adding durable, agelessly beautiful furnishings that comprise one or more natural elements, such as wood and stone. A stone fireplace or a large desk made of reclaimed wood can be the perfect central piece of a welcoming hotel room that your guests could also use as an elegant, practical study. Also, don’t forget to invest in chic storage options, such as the amazing locker style desk made of recycled wood and metal harvested from old fishing boats introduced by Casa Suarez. This unique piece could be the sole addition that you need in your life to avoid clutter and turn any hotel room into a cleaner, properly organized space.

Each powerful, positive transformation starts with one-of-a-kind furnishings with a story. Therefore, don’t forget to check out the ample selection of Casa Suarez furniture pieces and accessories designed to upgrade any hotel, b&b or resort room into an oasis of relaxation, and bring your accommodation options closer to becoming soothing homes away from home, suitable for both work and play.

Adding Value to the Family Dinner Experience in Any Home Away from Home

Zen Rosewood Dinner table

During summer, most vacationers turn their attention to resorts that allow them to spend as much time as possible indoors, making the most of friendly temperatures and contemplating the green lush surroundings. Come September, their preferences start to change at the same pace with the new rhythms and colors of Mother Nature. As the leaves turn yellow, people who are enjoying the warmth and peaceful ambiance of a home away from home decide to spend less time around the patio tables and chairs and stay indoors, where they could invest their time and energy in work-related and social activities.

How to Prepare a Hotel Room for Fall

Oftentimes, this transition stimulates hotel, B&B and resort owners to upgrade their existing décor, and make their indoors more inviting and comfortable by opting for elegant, timeless furnishings that contribute to a perfect home away from home experience during fall and winter. Throughout the cold season, most guests require a few special touches to perceive a hotel or B&B room as cozy and welcoming. A Victorian fireplace, a warm shag rug, big throw, accent or decorative pillows in earthy colors and beautiful custom made wooden furniture are only a few of the elements that make all the difference in the world when it comes to elevating the aesthetic value of any accommodation option, and prepping it for the cooler days ahead.

exotic wood furniture
Turning Family Dinners into Memorable Get-Togethers During the Cold Season

During summer, any meal of the day can be turned into a fun social gathering without too much effort, considering that the warm weather and lush surroundings oftentimes fuel our playful side. Nonetheless, during fall and winter, most of us need a gentle push to rediscover the pleasure of enjoying a hearty lunch or dinner at home or inside a hotel room, in the company of our loved ones. This is why most hotel, bed & breakfast or hotel owners accommodate this special need by working on their indoor space. Here are a few things that they have in mind when improving the looks and feel of their rooms to turn family dinners into more fulfilling social interactions.

The Dinner Table Is Seen as a Focal Point. Some of the most appreciated rooms are the ones that introduce the dinner table as the focal point of the entire space. Ideally, such a table should be big, sturdy and impressive enough to be seen as an anchor by all family members. All guests attending the dinner should be comfortably seated at the table. A nice wooden table top in natural, rich earthy colors, like the ones introduced by Casa Suarez, may just be the perfect conversation starter encouraging all family members to share their stories, thoughts and dreams while sampling delicious dishes.

Original Décor Elements Help Avoid Unnecessary Distractions. At home, most parents have a hard time trying to convince their youngsters to enjoy lunch or dinner without using their gadgets at the dinner table. In a familiar environment, this may seem like a mission impossible.

However, in a hotel or B&B, eliminating distractions posed by electronics is no longer a difficult task, especially when the new space is packed with exquisite wooden furniture with an original design, or various artworks that command attention. Resort owners can make sure that all their guests are physically and mentally present at the dinner table by simply investing in quality furnishings with a one-of-a-kind story. For instance, a rustic unfinished wood table with an intriguing shape and thin metallic legs with an industrial look will most likely turn heads and attract compliments in any environment, especially when paired with a set of stunning chairs made of reclaimed and recycled teak, oak, redwood or pine. Such exquisite details will always convince all guests to stay seated and eat family-style.

Create the Best Ambiance. Did you know that appropriate storage options can also play an important part in this process? For instance, nice wooden cabinets can accommodate a rustic set of clay pots and bowls that can be used by guests who wish to recreate the perfect family-style lunch or dinner during their stay. Dinner sets made of natural materials can be placed in the middle of the table and be passed around by family members to ensure a pleasant, convivial ambiance. This strategy encourages sharing and sparks conversations at the dinner table.

There are so many beneficial décor changes that resort owners can implement to keep their guests happy, even when temperatures start to decrease and the shades of green that we can admire outdoors become less intense. By investing in quality wooden furniture with timeless appeal, any company can turn the plainest hotel or B&B room into the ideal setting for a truly unforgettable family dinner experience.

Quality Furniture: The Life Lesson That I’ve Learned in Thailand

wood table with chair

A trip to Thailand may sound like the perfect opportunity to contemplate exotic settings, uncover the particularities of the mesmerizing Thai culture, sample delicious street food and recharge your batteries for an entire year. However, every single minute spent in Thailand can also be seen as a fulfilling journey of self-discovery, meant to help travelers question every single aspect of their existence, and eventually get the bigger picture in life.

Setting Real Value, Not Price

As prisoners of the concrete jungle, we rarely afford the luxury to question certain aspects of our daily lives. While we remain excessively focused on work-related to-do lists, we tend to take some of the most important things in  our lives for granted-like our bond with family and friends, and the connection with our inanimate objects that are supposed to reflect who we are, what we appreciate and what we stand for.

Thailand has the magical power to make its visitors reappraise the simple things in life. From its much-appreciated workshops organized in the forest to the daily activities taking place in a factory stretching on several city blocks, all these elements based on strong human connections bring visitors one step closer to their roots, and allow them to discover the real value of the luxurious objects that bring color and warmth inside their homes.

Gaining Knowledge of the World around Us- One Purchase at a Time

Workers wearing blue shirts and face masks are skillfully cutting, sanding, priming, painting and packing some of the pieces that will eventually become a part of one’s interior décor. All these products are a form of art made with love and talent, and reflect a man’s responsibility and care for nature.



Working outside, in a clean soothing environment lit by sunlight, these artists make use of their creativity, amazing skills, know-how and the best raw materials available on their market to tell a compelling story through their labor of love. They are behind the unique traits of coffee tables, headboards and salad bowls that we all know and love for their raw beauty and remarkable sturdiness. These skilled artisans are the makers of never-seen-before furnishings that have the power to add character and charm to any hotel, resort and any other type of holiday accommodation.

Nonetheless, in a world where people assume the role of consumers and almost never take the time to discover the identity of the makers, we are all attracted by bargains and virtually any type of product that is advertised as a good deal.

Instead, maybe worldwide consumers, including companies operating in the hospitality industry, should block this mechanism for a second, and turn their attention to things that are made to last a lifetime, such as the passion of a Thai wood carver for his art, or the wooden furniture that guarantee the comfort and wellbeing of many generations of vacationers.

Casa Suarez offers you the chance to go beyond run-of-the-mill products reflecting the drawbacks of mass production, and discover the remarkable beauty and charm of products that are made by hand by gifted artisans. Hotel, B&B and resort owners can choose from a wide range of quality furniture made of raw, natural materials, rediscover their appreciation for the hands that turned a piece of wood into a form of art, and spend their money wisely on unique pieces that they could never put a price tag on.


Uncover the Secrets of Inspiring, Absolutely Stunning Workspace inside Hotel or B&B Rooms

During the first part of August, vacationers can only think about ways in which they could prolong their last days of vacation, and hold on to the friendly temperatures, positive mindset and freshly made memories.

However, the end of August inevitably reminds all of us that we have to focus on a brand new to-do list, and invest our energy in new work-related projects. During this period, it is imperative to create and maintain an organized, inspiring workspace designed with our specific practical and aesthetic necessities and demands in mind. Whether you work in a cubicle environment, have your own spacious, bright office, or use a section of your dining room as a home office, there are many beneficial changes that you could implement to maximize your productivity and beautify your environment on time and on a budget.

See Your Temporary Workspace as a Blank Canvas

Metric Coffee Table Open Rosewood – By Casa Suarez
Organizing your workplace becomes a top priority also when you’re travelling extensively. Even when you’re on the run, you can still catch up on your work by booking a room in a nice hotel or bed and breakfast offering you the perfect space where you could complete your work-related assignments.

Many companies operating in the hospitality industry rely on the versatile furniture provided by Casa Suarez to recreate the optimal workspace for their guests. Elegant, sturdy and timeless, our desks, chairs, consoles and accessories collection are exceptional additions that can turn any corner into a chic, highly effective workspace decorated to help its occupants stay calm and focused throughout the entire day.

While setting up an office in a hotel or B&B room, guests usually have to face many challenges. For starters, they must win the final battle with clutter, and get rid of distractions that could make it difficult for them to give 110% at work.

Fortunately, any modern accommodation option can eliminate this burden by displaying a minimalistic layout, and making use of versatile, multifaceted furniture pieces that can be easily rearranged and restyled in numerous ways. Also, by relying on natural elements, such as fresh flowers and potted plants, resort owners can help vacationers establish and maintain a solid connection between outdoors and indoors, and turn their temporary in-room workplace into a more soothing and attractive environment.

Incorporate As Many Raw Materials as Possible

Moreover, keep in mind that you can always keep your stress levels in check and restore your interior balance with more ease by simply reinforcing your bond with the outdoors via a wonderful selection of natural materials. In this context, stunning wood furniture is your best ally, designed to stimulate your productivity while also reflecting your exquisite taste.

Zen Coffee Table Rosewood – By Casa Suarez

A sturdy rosewood desk can easily become the focal point of the entire room, allowing travelers to beautify their office without any effort, and add warmth and color to a hotel or B&B room where they would feel comfortable and inspired around the clock. Also, the raw beauty of natural materials will always give them a good reason to prevent clutter. For instance, guests will be tempted to keep their desk clutter-free to reveal the appeal of the rosewood grain pattern.

Stay Organized

Last but not least, remember that our daily actions have the power to influence the aesthetics and practical value of any workspace. This is why we should all strive to stay organized at all times to prevent clutter and avoid distractions that could threaten our concentration and affect our mood.

Considering that your vacationers may be guided by the same goals, why not make it easier for them to stay organized 24/7, even while working from their hotel room? Create your unique storage system, add durable, timeless Casa Suarez wood furniture that will help your visitors relax their mind and body during their long working hours, and make sure that all the tools they need around the office are within reach, yet always perfectly organized. A smart, intuitive layout and chic, stylish furniture incorporating raw, quality materials are the core elements that can elevate your clients’ productivity and turn any corner of a hotel or B&B room into a stunning, inviting and much more efficient workspace.

Converting Hotel Rooms into Vibrant, Comfortable Staycation Destinations


What’s so special about a staycation and why is this concept still gaining popularity in most parts of the globe? You can discover the best answer to this question by simply analyzing the definition of this term.

Staycation is a holiday that one chooses to spend in his or her own home country, rather than oversees, which usually involves visiting one or more local points of interest. Unlike trips abroad that allow travelers to relax and distance themselves from their daily routines, staycations are the perfect opportunity to connect to local beauties, such as skylines, outdoor parks, rivers and forests, and focus on a reinforced bond with Mother Nature.

While a vacation abroad could be interpreted as an escape from reality, a staycation enables all people, regardless of their social status, age and interests, to discover the lost art of introspection, and make beneficial changes that could reshape their entire lives. By enjoying the peace and tranquility that a staycation experience created by a nice hotel room or B&B riin could bring along, families may find the inspiration and energy required to transform the space that they live in, turning it into an anchor that will guarantee their stability as they travel the world.

Discover the True Meaning and Benefits of a Staycation

Crisp clean linens, a smart layout designed to prevent clutter and minimalist furnishings are the key factors that help high-end holiday accommodation options create the perfect environment for a relaxing staycation. Oftentimes, raw materials represent the core of unexpected details adding luxurious touches to the décor of high-end hotels that promise the ultimate resort experiences.

Acacia Prestige Large Dining Table W/ Metal Base – By Casa Suarez


Natural wooden headboards and hardwood tables are only two examples of furnishings that can take any hotel room from standard to deluxe in a matter of a few seconds, helping its occupants discover the warmth and incontestable comfort and appeal of a welcoming home away from home.

Generally speaking, the best spaces for a memorable staycation are based on multipurpose furnishings that can be rearranged, restyled and reused in countless ways. For instances, a set of sofas, tables and chairs can become a secluded oasis of relaxation after an exhausting day at the beach; at night, the same furniture set can help vacationers host a wonderful dinner party and share their latest experiences with friends and family over a glass of wine. By simply adding a few blankets or pillows, B&B or hotel owners could play with colors and textures and transform their environment in multiple creative ways.

Connect the Perfect Indoor-Outdoor Connection with the Right Furnishings

A perfect staycation is so much more than a vacation spent at home, far away from your work-related assignments; it is a chance to rethink your living spaces and your entire life, after drawing your inspiration from the creative design of any type of vacation rental.

A staycation can be a fulfilling spiritual journey, especially when you agree to leave your cellphones and other Internet-enabled gadgets in a drawer and focus on neglected aspects of your existence, such as a deeper communication with your loved ones, or your bond with nature and the inanimate objects that are a part of your life.

By assuming the role of a tourist in your own city or county, people can see their surroundings from a different perspective. This escape from routine in a familiar environment will inevitably allows hotel guests to reach the conclusion that simplicity is the most exquisite type of sophistication.

To encourage such positive changes in their guests’ mindset, many holiday accommodations count on unique Casa Suarez furniture pieces crafted to help vacationers reconnect their inside with the outdoors. By incorporating natural materials such as wood and stone into your interior décor with a bit of help from Casa Suarez, hotel, B&B and resort owners may be able to add luxurious, unexpected touches to their properties, and ultimately turn their business into an ideal staycation destination, much-appreciated for its original contemporary decor, soothing simplicity, warmth and comfort.

Fall in Love with Unique Furniture Inspired by Mother Nature’s Absolute Perfection

casa suarez wood furniture

As human beings, we are all unique. We are defined by our very own amalgam of strengths and weaknesses, and we challenge ourselves to celebrate both our flaws and our lustiness on a daily basis. Perhaps this is the main reason why we also like to surround ourselves with inanimate objects that help us reflect our uniqueness, while also revealing a glimpse of our personality, and putting our exquisite taste and sense of style into the spotlight.

Discover the Never-Heard-Before Story of a Versatile Raw Material

Each fine line and wrinkle is a part of our story, allowing us to share our wisdom with the ones that we share our lives with. Instead of preventing us from reaching perfection, folds and creases show us just how much we have evolved through the years, and give us the opportunity to set and achieve our own ideals in terms of beauty and strength.

Mother Nature works in a similar way. The grain and the history of wood can be easily compared to the lines on our skin, which capture the most important details of our journey through life. If wood could talk, it could probably tell more than a few enchanting stories about the many forest fires that it survived, the wonderful creatures that it sheltered, and the magnificent ways in which it was modeled and repurposed in creative ways by skilled artisans. At the end of the day, wood can express all these ideas in an even more suggestive manner- through its coloring, shape, grain and one-of-a-kind dents and cracks. All these elements keep its story alive and add to its uniqueness.

Mini Vertico Lamp – By Casa Suarez
The Versatile Furniture Introduced by Casa Suarez Will Reignite Your Connection with Nature

At Casa Suarez, we are constantly reiterating our romance with wood. We can’t help but admire the strength and appeal of a raw material that can be re-purposed and reinterpreted in countless ingenious ways, to add color, warm touches and soul to any accommodation option for transient guests. Our sophisticated, unique furniture pieces are the perfect choice for hotels, resorts, bed and breakfasts and virtually any type of home away from home designed with its occupants’ comfort and well being in mind.

All the magical pieces that you could contemplate in our showrooms will impress vacationers with their unique charm and distinctive particularities, reflecting Mother Nature’s incontestable perfection. The beauty of each piece of furniture that we stock and sell is amplified by its rawness, and influenced by a plethora of elements, including the sun, air, rain and the soil that nourished and protected the tree.

Casa Suarez offers you so much more than versatile wooden furniture for the hospitality industry. We invite you to discover the distinctive features of stunning furniture pieces that could be loved, used, and re purposed without losing their strength, utility or attractiveness. Our timeless pieces can become the heart of any type of holiday accommodation, and the core of a sanctuary where travelers can regain their balance and inner peace as soon as they walk through the door. Don’t hesitate to celebrate your uniqueness and add lasting appeal to your surroundings by investing in versatile furniture brought to you by Casa Suarez. Choose to unleash the power of nature to upgrade the décor of your property, and guarantee an unforgettable lodging experience for all your guests, season after season, year after year.

Enjoy The Strength And Elegance Of Acacia Wood Furniture

2 drawers sideboard Casa Suarez

Like a fine wine, Acacia gets better with age. You will see it in every Acacia wood furniture in the market. But wine takes time to master and maybe it is this quality that makes it seem superior than others and stronger than most. Wine when sniffed, gives off a certain royalty. Acacia when stared from a distance gives off the same kind of power. When you see the pleasing grain patterns and unique blend of shades, you will understand how this piece of wood is strong enough to draw you into its fold. This is precisely the reason why this kind of wood furniture would be perfect for hotels, resorts and other places for transient guests.

Its many strengths

6 drawers cabinet Casa Suarez


Time tested and weather weary, the Acacia gets its reputation as being resilient and sturdy. This makes it a reliable construction material with an eye-catching pattern that will be gorgeous for bed and breakfast furniture or apartment floors. Take comfort in knowing that Acacia has a high tolerance for moisture that makes it perfect for spills caused by guests or service staff. Rumoured to being used in biblical times, this piece of wood is known for its longevity. It may outlast most of the furniture pieces in the lobby or veranda.

As to color, the Acacia will look good with a myriad of stain options for used as furniture. A choice of light and dark shades of brown in its grain will create a stunning geometry of color that will catch any vacationer’s eye. Imagine caramel candies, mixed with dark chocolate brownies, chestnuts, walnuts all set on a light khaki placemat. It’s a beautiful monochrome of brown which can be used as the pièce de résistance at the end of the main hallway.

Acacia Coffee Table By Casa Suarez
We cannot help but compare the Acacia to wine. The best grape varieties of Italy, Spain and North America have been transformed into masterpieces of the liquid kind with the adept hands of a vintner. Much the same as the furniture that was made by a skilled craftsman, it too started out as a simple but strong material.

Unparalleled Acacia wood furniture craftsmanship

Casa Suarez is that skilled craftsman. The advances in furniture making technology have made it easier for us to work with Acacia and its many beautiful finishings. One such finishing is the effect that sandblasting gives. It exposes the grain and gives it a unique texture making it appear antique yet modern. This is the kind of visual versatility you won’t find in other kinds of wood allowing it to blend in well with different styles of interior design.

Like fine wine, we take our time to appreciate every sniff, every sip, every flow. Do the same for the Acacia. Take your time when you look at its fine craftsmanship, or its elegant color or its smooth all-around feel when you see it in a resort veranda. Watch how an angle quickly changes its color with just a little bit of ray of light from a hotel lobby chandelier. Feel the texture of each sandblasted pore of Acacia wood furniture. You will then appreciate and realize the value of this masterpiece. There truly is nothing quite like it.