Zen Collection

All of the exotic rosewood furniture pieces of our Zen Collection are crafted with high-quality wood. The rosewood is associated with the heart chakra and recognized for its durability, high bending strength, and natural hues.

Rosewood furniture will season well without cracking, bending or experiencing any other type of distortion. If you’re looking for a solid wood piece that you’ll enjoy in the long run, the Zen Collection is the right one for you.

You can use Zen Collection pieces in every part of the house. Add warmth and harmony to your decor with the Zen cabinets, bookcases, beds, benches, shelves, chairs, drawers, tables, glass door cabinets and many others. All of the pieces are minimalist and clean in design, putting emphasis on the beauty of the wood and its natural finish.

If you’re looking for functionality, versatility and classic aesthetics, these pieces will are the perfect match for your home decor.